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Hello, I need to make a apology for my bad English. I hope it wouldn’t hold you from enjoying this post. Also this video is dutch, I will also make a English one but later.

A ND filter is a filter that can reduce the light that’s hitting your sensor. normally we use a matte box for that. but there are filters that you can screw on your lens, so you don’t need a matte box. ND stands for neutral density. a normal ND filter has a standard value but this post goes about the variable ND filter. that means that there is a ring on your filter that you can turn and by turning it you can or increase or reduce the ND value.

Before 2013 I did get my variable ND filter. Before that i did watch some video’s and found a nice comparison of more high end variable ND filter from Dave Daugdale. Dave calls the filters midrange variable ND filters but For me they are high end. HE did talk about a few points of a ND filter that are important i would suggest you take a look. Dave doesn’t like when a ND filter adds texture like the light craft workshop ND filters do. in my opinion it is a choice that you need to make for your self some time it can suit your shooting style. I did look around on the web and did find three Filters within my budget:

1. Fotga
2. Nature
3. Pollaroid

In the near future would like to make a comparison between these filters. But till then i need to shoot with my Fotga. I can tell you I don’t mind. I didn’t had time yet to test the Fotga, when I did I post here the new English video.

I did buy mine Fotga variable ND filter on Ebay for $13,99 with shipping. The filter was pact in a soft envelope, undamaged. The ND value is 2ND to 400ND, that means that you have always a little bit ND value when you shooting with it. I would like A ND0 point on it. but for this price i am really happy.

before buying
be sure you check the diameter of your lens so you got the good size. A other trick is to get the biggest ND filter you can find and buy step up or step down rings so you can use that one filter on all your lenses.

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